~ We help you increase sales, improve customer experience & enjoy running your business! ~

Business Consulting

Musician/Artist/Author specific services:
~ selling MP3's online including iTunes, Pandora, etc (digital distribution)
~ creating & maintaining a mailing list for shows
~ connect with your fans at shows
~ sell merchandise at shows/events
~ how to get paying gigs
~ create contracts for paid gigs
e-signature solutions
~ copywriting original music

~ digital download codes


$120 per one-hour session
$200 for 2 one-hour sessions

Some of the services we help business owners with include:

  • low cost ways to build your own website/hosting/domain
  • creating effective website content/layout
  • creating & maintaining a customer mailing list
  • accepting credit cards online
  • building an online store
  • how to connect with your customers
  • creating contracts & e-signature solutions
  • development of business cards & promotional materials
  • and much more!

“There is an abundance of free & low cost solutions for everyday business needs, and my goal is to share what I’ve learned to help others succeed”
~ Amy K

“Amy K’s advice was practical, inexpensive to implement, and achieved results. Most Artists, like me are not comfortable with the business side of their profession, but I found it easy to carry out Amy’s  recommendations.  She taught me things that immediately improved my business.”
     ~ Manny Burruel



We make it easy for customers to understand what you offer and how it can benefit them. Our simple & effective approaches increase sales, improve customer relations and foster long term success.

Not sure if consulting is right for you? Call us for a free 20 minute chat

Ready to schedule a meeting? Call us at 602.703.3002 or email us at info@AmyKMusic.com to schedule

Who can we help? Any business owner!

Our 22 years of business expertise can be easily customized & applied to any type of business.  

What to expect at a consulting session:

  • We evaluate your business: where you are & what your goals are
  • Identify your customers & how to reach them
  • Clarify the value of what you offer & how to communicate this clearly to customers
  • Define what you offer in terms of how it will benefit customers & appeal to their wants
  • Identify free & inexpensive marketing tools most effective for your particular field
  • Extremely low cost solutions for basic business needs (website, mailing list, online store, etc)
  • Provide 3-5 clear & simple action steps you can take immediately
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Business Consulting 

Where are meetings held?

Meetings can be conducted over the phone, in person at our office near 31st & Peoria, or at casual external locations like Panera Bread, Starbucks, etc. 

Amy K offers business consulting for small business owners, musicians, artists, authors, and anyone interested in increasing income with little or no advertising/marketing costs.

​We use our 22 years of business experience to customize all action steps for what is most effective for your particular field.