Amy K Music Company

Music Lessons for all ages, levels and styles

Music Business Lessons:

  • We specialize in helping you find free & inexpensive resources
  • You are given clear action steps to take in each lesson
  • These are private lessons customized to your goals & needs
  • Some of the services we help students with include:

               ~ selling your MP3's online, iTunes, Pandora. etc

               ~ building your own website

               ~ creating & maintaining a mailing list for shows

               ~ how to get paid gigs

               ~ create contracts for paid gigs

               ~ digital signature solutions                 

               ~ accepting credit cards online

               ~ building an online store

               ~ connect with your fans at shows

               ~ sell merchandise

               ~ copy writing songs

                   ~ and much more! 

We help you get the most out of your time & money!

Not sure if you need music business lessons?
Contact us at 602.703.3002 & we can discuss to find out if it is a good fit for you.

Guitar teaching room

Piano teaching room

Our colorful lobby 

Private Lessons are available on:  

Guitar (electric, acoustic, classical, jazz)
Songwriting (details below)
Audition Prep
​Home Recording Solutions
Music Theory
Music Business (details below)
Online mp3 sales/band promotion

* Not sure which instrument is right for you? attend one of our Free Group Classes to try them out!

Music styles we teach:
Pop, Rock, Classical, Folk, Jazz, Metal, Blues, Worship and everything else!

Lesson Plans:
All lesson materials are customized to the student's age, interests, and goals (we have different programs structured appropriately for different ages and styles).
Lessons always include songs of the student’s choice, and music fundamentals (technique, reading, theory, etc.).
We balance quickly attainable short term goals, and long term goals to keep you challenged and moving forward.  Students are given specific practice goals so they know how to practice at home.

Student ages/levels: We offer lessons for ages five and up, and about 50% of our current students are adults. Most of our students are beginners with no previous musical experience, and some are aspiring professionals that we prepare for college, auditions, competitions, bands, and performances. Whatever your current age and level is, we can help you achieve your goals.

Lesson Frequency:

Most students come in for a 30 minute lesson once per week and pay monthly. Students who come in more than once per week and/or take a 60 minute weekly lessons, simply prefer more time with the instructor and/or have serious musical goals. Lessons can also be scheduled and paid for individually.


Private Lesson Rates:  

30 minute lessons once per week - $120.00 per month
45 minute lessons once per week - $170.00 per month  
60 minute lessons once per week - $220.00 per month  
Individual lesson rates:
$30.00 for a 30 minute lesson
$45.00 for a 45 minute lesson
$60.00 for a 60 minute lesson

*Students who attend every other week are charged per lesson attended

*Gift Certificates are available on our Gift Certificates page


Location: All lessons are held at our office at 31st Ave. & Peoria in Phoenix, AZ (see Contact page for directions/map)

Mini Group Lessons:  are available for family members/friends who want to take lessons together on the same instrument, in the same time slot 

($60 a month per person; for a 30 minute class once per week OR, a 60 minute class every other week)

During the lesson:

In a private lesson, the instructor will guide you through certain material from categories that can include: songs of your choice in any style/genre, music reading, rhythms, tablature, technique, theory, warm-ups, exercises, scales, chords.  At the end of each lesson you will be given specific practice goals in each of the areas that were covered. 

Practice at home: 

It is recommended that you practice every day, for a minimum of 30 minutes per day.  This is the minimum requirement for steady results.  However there is no limit, the more you practice, the faster your playing will improve.

Songwriting Lessons:

Our instructors have years of songwriting & coaching experience, and we have already helped many students create and complete original music. 
New to songwriting?
We can teach you: ♫  how easy it is to start writing you own songs (most songs only use 3 chords!)
♫  how to create and develop song ideas
♫  structural components of a song including verse, chorus, bridge
♫ how to write lyrics and compose music 
Already have some original ideas?
We can help you:
♫  find chords to fit your melody  
♫  create a melody for your chord progression
♫  add/complete lyrics 
♫  finalize song structure
♫  document songs in tab, notation, and/or chart form
♫  audio recording solutions
♫  anything else you might need